About Us

Petra Entertainment, Inc. brings over a decade of music industry experience in the areas of event promotion & planning, sponsor relations, marketing, etc.

Petra Entertainment , Inc. vision is to make our community feels at home, as most of our audience live aboard. We plan to bring always the best of the best of our performers and singers from around the world, mainly but not limited from the Arab world to share their gift and love of music with us. We are currently planning to look at Europe & its artists.

Petra Entertainment, Inc. targets to establish the concerts in a family type atmosphere. As we believe that our future is in our children, we would like to see them attend the show and enjoy the music. We can only be successful in passing the torch only when our children grow up with a love for our music and our culture.

Petra Entertainment, Inc. has promoted concerts with numerous artists including Fairouz, Wadih El-Safi, George Wassouf, Kazim El-Saher, Amr Diab, Wael Kfoury, Warda Al-Jazaeriya, Najwa Karam, Sameera Saeed, Ragheb Alame, Nawal Al Zoughbi, Fadl Shaker, Nancy Ajram, Ihab Tawfic, Assi El-Helani & others.

Petra Entertainment, Inc. presents approximately 55 performances annually in venues ranging in size from 1000 to 8000 seat. Over the last 15 years Petra has presented more than 700 concerts in Canada & the United States. More than 30 artists made their debut under our company’s auspices.

Our History
Petra Entertainment was founded in 1994 by Ibrahim Karadshe (click here for photos)
Ibrahim Karadshe was a co-owner of Petra Restaurant which was the premier location of Middle Eastern Food & Entertainment located in the city of San Bruno 15 miles south of San Francisco. as part owner & Entertainment Manager he handled all aspects of weekly entertainment & super star appearances in the Nightclub and founded Petra Entertainment in the end of 1994 which soly functioned at the restaurant between 1994 & 1998.

Petra Entertainment was the leading event planner in Northern California working in house at the Restaurant, planning all its major events & weekly programs, Petra Entertainment made the following shows possible at the restaurant such as the appearances of Walid tawfik in 1995, Wael Kafouri in 1996 & 1997, Assi El Hellani in 1996 & 1997, Sabah Fakhrie in 1997, Nawal Al Zougbi in 1997 & Ragab alama in 1998 ……….. and many more. At the end of 1998 Petra Restaurant went out business because of a city decision to demolish the building.

Petra Entertainment Became the bay area Icon of Events & Major concerts, it no longer worked for one entity Petra Entertainment started to do major concerts in San Francisco & Los Angeles and was no longer obligated to only work and plan events at one location.One of Petra entertainment best concerts and most memorable events were the AMR DIAB concerts in San Francisco & Los Angeles in 1999.Since then Petra Entertainment has produced some of the most memorable & amazing concerts the west coast had ever seen, Petra Entertainment started concentrating more and more on Production of lighting & sound effects, hiring more staff and security to handle the organization, safety & the smooth seating of all guests and ticket holder, out sourcing more work to specialized companies such as box offices and online ticket sellers to control all tickets and seats to bring down the margin of error and counterfeit of tickets.

Petra Entertainment started sponsoring all TV satellite stations and placing more ads and advertisement for our events & functions.

By all the dramatic changes that Petra Entertainment did & the trust it gained from its customers & ticket buyers between the year 1999 until 2001, all west coast concerts grow from a Maximum capacity of 400-600 pre sold tickets to a sell out capacity of 3000-4000 pre sold tickets, these are numbers to be proud of in a short period of time, Petra Entertainment changed what people viewed as a Middle Eastern musical live concerts in the Arab American music industry.

NOW, Petra Entertainment has over 150,000 online visitors and more than 5000 ticket buyers in Northern California and more than 30000 ticket buyers in a single USA tour across the USA in 4 other concerts.Our goal is to become the bridge between Middle Eastern Artist & Mediterranean Artists and there fans in North America (USA & Canada).